Mechanics Studio Diagnostics - Dry Fire - 1.5 hours $100.00

Mechanics Studio dry-fire training or video diagnostics are available in day and evening sessions that last 1 hour. Live-fire training sessions are available on Weekday evenings and Sundays, and last approximately 2.5 hours. Once you have purchased your training product you will have a reservation to  schedule your training time. 

If you have any training questions, including scheduling a group training session, please email

​​​​Mechanics Studio Private Training - Dry Fire - 1 hour  $80.00

Private Live Fire Range Training -  2.5 hours $150.00

Price List

Current Special: If you sign up for a LTC course through Black Bag Shooting Sports you will receive a coupon in the LTC class for a free Mechanics Studio Dry Fire session and $25 off a Live Fire Range session.