I want to shoot a gun

Whatever we begin a project we begin with the end in mind. Want to install a sink? Envision a sink and faucet as the end you keep in mind. But when you begin with I want to shoot a gun where do I start? - the end becomes nebulous in a way that intimidates new shooters.

There's hope because all shooting revolves around two fundamentals of results - speed and accuracy. Whether your interest is recreational, competitive, or war fighting shooting with speed and accuracy will take you everywhere you want to go. Pillars of these goals include safety, gun handling & technique, body position etc..

So where do I start?

Training. Competent training in shooting a firearm has common traits no matter what school or instructor you go to. Proper instruction is Safe, Efficient, Ergonomic, and in tactical circles Battle Proven. Poor technique is self extinguishing, however there is no shortage of those who market "the latest secret" to shooting.

What should my first class focus on?

Your first class should focus on the fundamentals of marksmanship that include body position, grip, natural point of aim, proper sight picture, proper sight alignment and proper trigger control. With a solid foundation you can build a shooting career as high as your imagination allows.

My emphasis at onesecondshooter is to provide private, mastery focused shooting training in an environment dedicated to your personal growth and development into the shooter you want to be.

Training Philosophy